Late Winter Song

Spring was mugged

while hitching a ride on Routes

One and Nine;

Going North with his bag of seeds and his famous smile.

But I understand

that he never made it past

the part where the road twists

around Rahway prison.

No one knows if it was some guys with multiple

earrings in one ear

who were responsible, or if

it was that site of so much misery

that did him in.

But with his pockets empty

he’s been reported as appearing febrile

and wandering sheepishly

through the Meadowlands, maybe

unable to decide which was the Starting

Gate, or whether it was worth

the starting after all; but then

he got shacked, not knowing better,

at the Swann Motel;

And there are those that claim he’s still there.

Can anybody spare a dime to get him sprung?

It’s cold out there.