Passing Thoughts

Cluttered stairways

at rush hour…



The mustard jar is open.

He cannot find

the point of departure.


Shipping out,

he toyed with his papers…

A hot bath in the morning.


Grim faces.

Long lines in the sidewalk…

The end of an Empire.



past the Verrazano….

Get milk, get cereal; a box of raisins.


Yellow mums

in a florist’s window…

I long for your laughter.


Stray light

blinks through the shutters…

Semaphore messages.


On an island.

The darkness.

A telephone is ringing.


Bridge night at the clubhouse…

One more departure

for the Ship of Fortune.


Fragments of memory.

Dead bodies and broken masonry.

An archeological example.


The temple doors

are open.

Cleaning people enter.



on the sidewalk.



So, he was overcome by magic.

Oh Albert,

the century will forgive you nothing. Nothing.