Theories of the Universe

Our relationship, I thought,

would be like the Universe,

stable, long-lasting, energizing

each other with accumulations of knowledge.

And so it seemed, for a while, as we,

like systems of a similar nature and magnitude

rotated, absorbing

radiation, reinforcing one another at every conceivable wave-length.

It was as though no imaginable tomorrows

could interfere with our mutual estimations.


But theories of the Universe change,

vary, it would appear, as in the world of fashion,

wherein that which had been uniform

becomes expressive of endless variability.

Yesterday’s “normal” will be tomorrow’s “anathema”.

Bouncing genes bounce, they say, from one chromosome

to another, altering characteristics

to which we’ve been accustomed.

It is as if a gas, once contained, is suddenly frivolous in its freedom.

Better that, I was thinking, than contraction, than diminution,

that though such diversity may be daunting,

an apartness as separate as the spiral limbs of a galaxy,

the gravitational pulls of feeling, of mutual need,

would overcome these centrifugal forces,

bringing us, eventually, to that state

of unity wherein we had commenced our journey.