Baucis & Philemon

“An oak tree stands beside a linden in the Phrygian hills” .                        Ovid/Metamorphoses

Coming into this room, he thought

“I am very much like a god to them”, and

he wondered whimsically if he ought

to change the milk in the pitcher

into something not startling or grand

but subtly different, with a little, perhaps,

more class; so he thought of adding

cream until it was like half & half.

He could imagine their faces, could hardly

keep himself from grinning unreservedly

at the sight of it: So they sit,

with the look of clowns,

mouths all rimmed in froth and white, looking first

at each other and then at him, speaking

(sub voce) in the dialect of the hills,

“O crap! Not another one of them!

Now what’s he gonna do?”