……In the Labyrinth……


Lost again. Not knowingwhether one’s trivial meanderings

are to be of consequence,

or if these arch high passageways are the mere

and ornamental branches in a queen’s garden;

Lost again. As if one once more were naive and younger

and without the fickle encumbrances of wisdom;

a being given choices, taking the most arbitrary of directions,

actions a priori to contemplation,

one horizon as deeply, beauteously blue

as another, each one so close, so touchable; though imaginary.

Still, to be lost, with insufficient awareness

of relationships, of one’s genetic proximity to another’s,

without sustainable, or reasonable, justifications

for one’s existence. It makes one cease

all physical motion

mid stride, calls out for truce

in which turbulence

at least is temporarily discontinued, asks

immediately for a mirror to one’s wondering

as to who truly is the stranger,

the outsider-alien-intruder

who has wandered in without a clue

or a clasp-knife even

to defend his integrity.

Or who, on the other hand,

is the denizen, the Monster,

whose listless peregrinations are as unbearably uneasy

because he has not yet encountered

a victim, a companion, a lover.


  • coin is from Crete, 4th century BCE
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