What I Saw

Features that swirled; a muddied moon:

This Creature, rising in the heath,

and I, not knowing whether to run or hide,

just stood and looked

and wondered if what I saw

was just one weird and kinky dream,

or some harmless child

behind a mask of Halloween.

But what really came to mind

was, Is this some mindless beast from down below,

or visitor from some other space or time?

Should I say, here doggy, and stoop

to pet its frame, or speak

to it in symbols, and if they fit

suggestively imply that we,

two creatures from diverse worlds of being,

might actually entertain some relationship.

But it had eyes, and what I contend it saw

was something that did not entirely please.

As if, perhaps, when all enthusiastic,

you’ve been waiting for a lover’s call,

but when finally it rings, it just ain’t that one at all.

So what I saw may well have been a look

so sad, that disappointment, in comparison,

looks almost glad. Its eyes: they glazed.

It just turned off, backed up into the bush, and disappeared.

I like to think

it raised an arm and waved:

Sorry friend, it said, was just a blunder.

I pushed the right button, but got the wrong number.