Are You Willing?

Are you Willing?


Is this another world you are exploring?

Perhaps that is why it is so alien.

Here only feeling is real; even words are shadows:

synaptic ghosts, brief, tenuous suggestions of memory.

To look about for an answer is unrewarding.

There are no labels.

The cellularity with which you are surrounded

is indeed a wall,

an ostensible protection from some parallel universe.

And into this you have come: Really? Intentionally?

on a quest for answers, for comprehension,

realizing that, to the contrary,

there can be no continuation,

that you are in no way capable of understanding

such complexity,

and that, finally, there is no way out

of this maze of your own making.



Are you willing

to continue this journey?

Would it not have been better

for yourself and your progeny

if that climb down from the tops of trees

had never got started? Or even entertained?

If the interrogation of even elementary particles

had not been attempted?

You speak to them

in tongues that the Babel of the ancients

would not, in their wildest dreams, have imagined.

And if you listen, you may hear a reply

for which no Rosetta Stone is available.


Go on. Shrug your shoulders.

Eyes have been supplied so use them. Observe what is obvious.

There is an array here that is amazing.