There is no simpler fare

Than the banana I ate for breakfast..


I look it up in Wikipedia.

It is very anecdotal, mention that its genus


is Musa, who was the personal physician

of the Emperor Augustus, that there was a Japanese poet


who liked the fruit so much he changed his name

to Basho, which is what they call it in Japan.


One thing I like is that it doesn’t drip;

You can eat it without staining your clothing.


That it is more like a vegetable than a fruit,

Its consistency like a sweet potato.


reminds me of a cereal I ate as a child.

Yes. Something about it speaks of youth.


There is also that pleasant picture

Of a chimpanzee sitting, eating one.


It is evident that he is enjoying himself

It is half peeled. He looks up at the camera,  smiles.


On the internet it says there are over 6 million references,

that it has only 90 calories, and that it contains tryptophane,


which is the precursor of serotonin in the body.

So it acts as a mood elevator. Perhaps that is why I like it..