We made a cow

That ate stones

We made a dog

Who munched on grass

We made a sheep.

God, observing all this, became disturbed,

and contemplated suicide.

But immortality and such apoptotic gestures are not compatible.

He discussed this philosophically.

Had to put aside the notion.

Then we made another god

and added him to our memories.

Early on we made him a tradition.

Then we created our ancestors

and had them stick pins in idols.

They danced around and painted their faces.

(All the colors of the rainbow)

That was before the advent of science.

But then we invented Science,

wrote whole books about people

who lived in glass houses with telescopes and equations

and even computers which I had thought were our sole prerogative.

In the process we encountered the rainbow.

It was a real phenomenon.

And so we placed that pot at the end of it.

On the other hand, at the very start

was the Beginning,

and in all that amorphousness,

in the jingle-jangle of elementary particles,

There was Laughter.

That was pretty good,

But we didn’t know it.

Now people have limitations.

For example: their imagination.

It is like a blank sheet of paper

that has to be filled with something.

So that was why we put all those gods in there.

But they got back at us with the principle of uncertainty.

And then they made us and after that there was no end of it.

and so forth and so on.