(Varieties of Megafauna were common

until the arrival humans on the scene)


Don’t hold me to it.

I want to be different today

from what I was before.

Even the ground below,

that grand old mother earth,

has me bored to tears.


I’m like that fellow that Hercules beat

by holding him up in the air.

He’s the one I’d praise,

not that arrogant demigod,

trying to maintain the status-quo

by killing off those strangely built.


But to vary yourself

as well as what you do

seems really closer to the ideal.

Meanwhile, that’s what gets to me,

deep down in the gut.

For all I know, tomorrow’s today.

I can’t even blame it on the season.




Megafauna: e.g. megatherium

(the giant sloth)

Old Man of the Sea (Nereus) a shape changer