Mythognomy Defined

mythomania: a propensity for lying and exaggerating.

mythopoela: creating a myth; giving rise to myths.

mythognomy: (gnomon=interprete)  inner characteristics of myth revealed outwardly.

Preparations for an Illusion



Here we are, a bunch of poems

with emendations, corrections, words crossed out,

ideas better forgotten.

What lies below

are yesterday’s conceptions,

primordial philosophies

that have been superseded by today’s practicality.

I’ve forgotten it already

So involved am I in the realization of  quotidian needs,

by this morning’s ordinary business

that what is past

must play second fiddle

to the bright orchestrated symphony

for which tomorrow hungers.


Too long

have I dwelt in memories of the past.

All of that is mythology.

All history is fiction.

All fiction is fantasy.

Whatever we remember is the juxtaposition

of flashing lights and interactions,

is neurons receiving orders

from places they will never comprehend or even visit.


All of these, I think, must have a purpose;

perhaps are a kind of preparatory exercise

so the future will be acceptable,

and what we salvage from the past,

however altered,

will appear to have been pleasing.