You know, I looked up the word.
It means, to qualify for something,
to have a right to that glittering toy,
or a scrap of food;

It means that those in authority
are actually Required to hand over the goods,
whether they like it or not.
Only it doesn’t say what they are or to whom.

So when I stand in front of the table,
when those delicacies are thrown my way,
that must be part of it; why I listen,
why I come when they whistle or call,

but hesitate (I always do that)
a few seconds,
like to stimulate their anxiety,
arouse in them a feeling of importance,

as though they are accomplishing something of great significance;
and then, when I run back to them,
to set myself down on my haunches
with a smile on my face,

I’ll even raise my paw, sort of to say “how do you do,”
because they like that too,
and, naturally, I get some chewable bones
as another entitlement.