Everyone is Somewhere

Everyone is Somewhere.

You don’t have to be a nobody to sit,
silent, unnoticed, blending into the background
of the picture. It doesn’t have to be an active scene
with flashlight beams and dancing dervish,
for their eyes to be elsewhere, focused,
unfocused, it does not matter.
You could even be Albert Einstein.
It would make no difference.
And despite, or perhaps, because, of recognition,
it may have some similar effect,
arousing a sense of diffidence, a sort of respect
for privacy that teaches most onlookers
to look aside when that high-and-mighty
is taking out the garbage, or especially,
sitting at a table in a neighborhood restaurant.
Still, to be a cynosure, or to Imagine
that you might eventually be one,
does provide some electric (if only superficial) inner tranquility,
and it is better, I think, to get some iota of a feeling
that you have, at least, been noticed,
even if it is only by a member of your family.