Something Sad

Something SadI mean, what we’ve done.

I watch him waddle down the street

head bent low

practically touching the ground,

an expression so depressed

it almost makes me cry.

If he were a person instead

of a dog, he’d be a slave.

That’s all he’d need:

a set of chains to weigh him down

(It wouldn’t take much to stop him in his tracks)

a ring through the nose, with a collar

to keep him from looking to either side.

We say, thank God we don’t have slavery

any more; but these poor canine

creatures have stepped in to take its place.

Think of his ancestors, big, strong;

They took the easy way out,

(free food, a fire to keep them warm)

and we took advantage of that move,

molded them like clay figurines,

and in so many cases, like a fish, hooked,

like toy miniature models of our world,

fixed in place now, butter-flyed to a board,

leashed by our laws, and our vainglorious need

to be lords of the roost.