The Beneficence of Santa Claus

The Beneficence of Santa Claus


Because it is what it is

and we will never fully understand it

the universe simply clouds our consciousness,

jokingly tempts our minds with its complexity,

showers us, like an overly generous Santa Claus

with tidbits of meaning,

scatterings of information,

as if it were all some fantastic “ Second Life”,

or an 11 dimensional internet

into which we are trying to tune.

Toys, it cries. Something

with which to play. Like three dimensional Go,

like a game in which the first object

is to figure out the rules. You are infants,

it says, but progeny of the stars,

the potential of a field

wherein seeds have been planted,

and one may hopefully anticipate

something more than a few straggly weeds.

You should accept the gifts it bestows, and

should taste its productions, despite their strangeness.