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(for Michaela)

I wanted to be the first
to leave my paw-prints
on your sill,
to wag my heart at you,
to say, here is my welcoming bark,
the happy sloppy lick of my tongue




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The Admonitions
Musings, Ruminations
Sort of Love Poems     
The Legend of Orpheus

Venues of Distinction (people)                                  All Our Tomorrows

  • The Beaten Path (places)                                              Mythognomy
  • Art is the Essence                                                            Alzheimer Series
  • Cyberspace                                                                        Home-Bodies
  • Aurora & Tithonis (an abbreviated epic)              A Thing Compendium
  • Sociological Lamentations One                             Children not permitted                                           
  • Recursive Incursions & Other Acts of Natural Conflict
  • Canine Conversations