………..Imagine This (or else)……..

Life is a parachute drop into unknown territory

a landing in the middle of a forest

with only one’s imagination as a guidepost.

Happy he, who like Dante, discovers

his destination. The rest of us, poor fools

poor losers, must go higgledy-piggledy

past signs and signals, the language

of which is unlearned, or worse, unwritten.

In the end, there is only this admonition:

Be of good cheer. Take pleasure in the scenery.

Imagine this the Via Appia,

and that is Rome in the distance.

So remember: Our job is to start

though the work is encyclopedic.

Here there are endless volumes,

unnumbered pages,

a reading of Proust from cover to cover,

a calculation

that an intelligent main-frame would find insuperable.

Landing is easiest. Dorothy landed, eventually, in Kansas.

Lolita, transformed by pregnancy, might well have adjusted.

Ulysses, in his next incarnation,

was a homebody and a farmer.

All of us: we either suicide or we sublimate,

or we evolve into something entirely new and unexpected.