During His Tenure There Was A Sense Of Fervor

He was the ultimate tautologist. So, with lines

like “the past is past”, “the future will be our future”,

and “truth is the end of truth”, his reputation

was set, so to speak, in stone.

Crowds clamored to see him,

came in droves to hear his speeches.

There was a sit-down strike

when the Constitutional Amendment

to insert his head at the top of Mt. Rushmore

did not succeed in passing.

Now that the wars he promulgated

(on the basis that Evil is Evil)

are said to be over, that feeling, that nationalistic fervor

is less blatently in evidence.

You don’t see so many flags any more.

Prior to his arrival on the scene

all those with little to say of any relevance

actually said next to nothing:

merely stewed in their juices, watched more TV.

But during his tenure it had become easier for them.

I mean, with him to emulate, when it was not necessary

for them to say something intelligible, then Babel was in,

and the notion of scientific objectivity was suspect.

It was like the old days again, of McCarthyism,

as if a Savonarola were roaming the land, and had leave to burn all the books.

But now (almost now) he has had his show,

and there is, in general, a cumulative

sigh of relief ( It’s like, finally

installing a “No-Add-Ware program

that actually does work.) And those

who had considered him to be a kind of savior,

must now sit back and wait

while all that acid and bile accumulates,

for some sort of a Second Coming.