Stopping by Chance and What We Saw

There is no need to explain

where we found ourselves,

or how, beside the road, looking, glittery-eyed, out

over the edge, gazing down with a sense of trepidation,

making those unconscious adjustments in our vision

to accommodate to that inutterable fantasy,

but never quite taking that physical, that precarious, step.


It was as if we were children, out on our own for the first time,

as if what we saw was really and truly unique, like another universe,

another kind of reality that we had never previously

had the opportunity to experience.

We didn’t even have to catalogue it,

put it into one of those data bases

where you‘ve got to share everything

whether or not that‘s your desire.

It was enough that we were two of us

here together,

and if we wanted

we could get back in the car

and drive someplace

else where we could be as happy and safe

as anyone in this kind of world.