The Lighthouse at Alexandria

Sandy sentinel, perpetual keeper
of the keys, Chanticler of the ancient world.
Flashing, crowing, flapping excitedly,
your eyes hot bright coals
illuminating the water. Welcome.
A welcoming to the Southern Continent.
O protect us, benign giant, tall head
above the tree-tops, command the sea
to stay within its boundaries,
calm the waves, for yours is the hand
the gods have given, as we cower
behind our sand dunes.
For, if not for you, we are at the mercy of Uranus,
at the yawning pit that is the gateway to nether regions.
O the hurricanes, the rising
flood waters, the rushing, writhing tides
that would cover the lands and the cities.
O Phalaxos: we are all your progeny,
and we yearn to lend our efforts to brighten the universe.
Were it not for you we would be food for fishes