Mind and brain, with paper clips, some staplers

and a hook:

what better use

for crazy glue

and rubber bands

and spit

to make it swing quite free and loose:

an arc of thought,

a bit of Rye,

and a sugar cane to give it juice,


Some newsprint,  like the NY Times

so it can wave and fly,

and then one chip, all tucked


just turn it on and it will play

and give




O Finkelstein

O Finkelstein

There’s no one left to pour the wine

or wear a laborer’s cap.

We’re all out there, without a care

to dance

and swear

and dine.

The market’s up; we’re in our luck.

What we require’s an auto-matron

To take the place

of Jills

or Johns,

or even fancy Queens


So we’ll toast your deed if you fulfill our need:

Let your monster

fill the gap.