Read Blank

Now that —– is the law

of the land

the ladies shall sit do their exercises

take deeper breaths

to widen their lungs

They sit in a circle in the principal room

tighten their bellies

make them strong.

Now all of the men are

outside in the hall

There is a machine

that massages prostates

It walks the dog

plucks tissue

for the general good

from the udders of fertile sheep;

It can effectively replace

any y-chromosome

for an X

Now no more of that subjugation that we knew

that ancient misery

and all those unnecessary and quite forgettable events

So think drones, ladies, and bees, and ants, incubators, all in a row

Think nurseries

chock full of girl-babies

laughing, twittering, singing like birds

Now that —– is the law of the land