Take What They Say With an Aspirin. If it Doesn’t Work Come Back in the Morning

I was beginning to think

my eye isn’t tired, but ptosic,

and the perennial pain

in my back isn’t incipient arthritis,

but metastatic nodules.

They say that life

is more of a picnic when you’re hopeful,

but I, I guess, am one perpetual cynic, and will be,

even were my life eternal. So take what they say

like it’s a grain of salt,

like it is that pillar that Lot’s wife turned into,

when she forgot that it is the future

that is most important;

and whatever else they assert is an actual statistic;

that unless you’re a million people

don’t count on its accuracy.

And even if you get invited to that picnic

make sure that those pretty delicacies are not tainted.




Ptosis: muscular weakness in eyelid, so eye

is partially closed