I wanted to lie, but didn’t have the guts.

That sort of thinking means

That I’ll never be an aristocrat.

All the really important people confabulate.

At very least they run away from the truth,

Like Kennedy did at Chappaquiddick.

But when he stopped me

I wanted so say

That I was going to an emergency

That there was a lady lying comatose

And that I was on my way to save her.

Then I was supposed to ask him

To escort me the rest of the way to the hospital,

At which point he would back off, saying

Be careful. Put on your flashers.

But he got his point in first, noting

That I was going over ninety miles an hour,

And that his lazar practically broke recording it.

So I became tongue-tied, took the path to humility,

And now have four more points on my license.