Aim At The Target But Don’t Expect A Bullseye

Aim at the Target but Don’t Expect a Bulleye


Don’t just lift a pen.

You’ve got to have something to say


Ideas, like water, don’t flow up hill

They are not like some etching by Escher.

Such magic is always an illusion.

We are born in a gravitational field

and cannot escape it,

whatever one’s imagination.

I was reading about Harlow Shapley, the astronomer,

who astutely expanded the Milky Way,

but mistook a million galaxies for smoky nebulae.

No; no one is perfect.

But if your pitcher is full

and you have the spiritual strength

of a Mahatma Gandhi

then you should pour a little into the cups

of your compatriots.

To share, and be shared

is the best hope that the majority of us can ask for

Mostly, though, the canniest choices

seem to be elsewhere,

are like looking for a comet through a dirty telescope.

Really! Who do you know that won the lottery?

And those gods: they never come by, or fill our mugs gratuitously,

like in Greek mythology.

More often they ( our mugs) are as empty as our pocket-books,

our brains, our prospects.

More often we are even out of ink

when it is really needed