There it is
showing clearly on the monitor
a cold cancer of an idea
that was spreading throughout my system
I had to get it out
before it made me its appurtenance

Yield yourself to the philosophers
the interpreters of signs
wielders of both linguistic and ethical formulae
For those few privileged
to comprehend their meaning it may be the answer

This civilization
is like a toxic chemical
poison for minds which experience it
There is no avenue, neither economic nor political
by which it can be avoided.
We could as easily imagine being immune
to the cosmic waves
with which we are being bombarded.
This though destroys the spirit
through processes of scorn and denigration
while the latter’ ┬ás effects are only physical

Some evidence supports a theory
that gamma radiation wiggling through the stratosphere
like super worm-like aliens
will be the instrument of changes
maybe even for the better
that having created the forebrain of our ancestors
having raised us to the point where
awareness is possible
they are equally capable of forming
some new organ; another lobe, for instance,
which, in essence, would make us into a different species
one in which real ethical prerogatives are progressively articulated .

This has been discussed, of course.
That is one of the functions of philosophers.
Conclusions are few, but one conjecture
as to the delay in actuation
has been the necessity of removing
something else in our heads
before there is room for the new one.