Six Days

Six Days
(February 6 to 11, 1963)

After all, what is silence?
The shades drawn
Are insufficient. Light
Still seeps in from the bottom.

Only yesterday, words
Flowed like a river,
Like a quick running faucet.
Only in retrospect was it dirty.

On the shoreline
Fish flap softly.
They are dying.
All of them. They are dying.

Preparations are complex.
You must start early.
If you are not here, what is there to consider?
What is most difficult is to begin at the beginning,

Is to say, “ If it were done when ‘tis done,
then ‘twere well it were done quickly.”
The words of the Master. There is always a Master.
You can see light through the shades is the matter.

Evening and all is perfect.
Only the moon can be seen in the darkness.
Six days of silence to release me.
If the telephone rings, no one will answer.

see notes #31