Do I Have A Good Reason



Why, for example, I take

All these pills: every night

And every morning, and why,

When I get into bed,

My teeth chattering from the cold,

I wear my socks

And I don’t take off my shirt?


So even if I no longer remember

What pills I am taking,

I smile when I peer at the labels,

Say, well, there has to be a reason that I imbibe

Zinc and strontium

And a whole mess of others,

And I meticulously make sure

That not one is missed,

Even though it is so hard getting them down.


It’s like when people walk

On special lines

That they alone can discern

On the sidewalk, certain

That if they didn’t they would fall

Down between the cracks

Into some decrepit abyss.


Ask them. They’ll be sure

To give you a thousand reasons,

Each one more fanciful, but still assured.

It’s like one lady I know

Says her prayers to characters in Shakespeare.

Each one of us has his secret ways,

So when it comes to feelings,

Though the world to you is hot, there is reason enough,

If I feel cold, to bundle up.

So what is to one a weirdish quirk,

To another is the epitome of what is true.


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