People aren’t interested anymore

in what I have to say

so I’ve learned to shut up;

I sit quietly like I’m no one,

like all the degenerative processes

have settled in my head, in my brain,

and it keeps getting smaller.


Last week I went for an MRI.

They asked if I wanted it with or without

contrast, and I asked, “What is the difference?”

but the technicians were not sure,

so I said, “If there is no difference in the price

I’ll take it both ways,” and that was the way

they did it. Afterwards they stood around

and marveled at what they saw.


They were not really sure what it meant,

but that either it was different

or that the machine was broken.

I said it was the noisiest test

I’ve ever had and they replied

that everyone says that

and that therefore they pay no attention

to such comments.


Anyway I asked them, “How is it different?”

but they told me that that wasn’t their job,

that it was up to the doctors

Then they gave me a copy on a disc

I could play on my computer

when I got home.

It was all garbled, and I could not

tell one end from the other, and the report

from the hospital doctors said the same thing,

that was the word they used, that my brain

was all garbled, and I would have to live with it.