Three Poems Will Be Chosen To Be Performed With Dance

So 3 poems are to be performed with dance

Words, by themselves, it may be inferred, are no longer

of any especial significance.

I like opera because it envelopes us

like a giant overcoat, like using a blanket

even on a warm night, so as to feel cuddly.

In this universe of ours

we make excuses about everything. We say,

“There must be some anthropic principle.”

We say, where there is not the slightest comprehension,

that “It is because of Dark Matter that everything

is falling apart instead of coming together,”

as we’d like it to.

And so it is that they offer the largest prize at that contest

to whichever poems can be set to music.

And they’ll undoubtedly dance to all of them.

Then they will dance around that black hole

into which everyone and everything will eventually be sucked,

and is in the center of the universe.

So much for the power of poetry.