Materia Artistica


What I lost I gain again.

With this stimulus it takes so little

to turn a world of material things

into one of feeling.

And it is this which gives pleasure,

ornaments each nook and cranny.

That which was denied to me before

is suddenly, unassumingly recrudescent..

One word, one line, one swash of a brush

from a true master,

and it is as though

the renascent process is fully accomplished.



So, good

There is enough here

Enough with which to work

for days, for weeks.

All this, like an archeologist,

I have unearthed

pure gold, gems unshaped, uncut,

like that stone

in which Michaelangelo perceived

the heroic statue of a god,

words as bare as an artist’s model,

untouched ‘til now,

at least by me,

a virgin though,

ready to be carved into a poem.