Twenty Five Percent

The early furor

over our relationship to chimpanzees

may take a backseat now,

now that the fact has come to light

that we share 25%

of our genome with sea anemones.

That’s jelly fish, I guess.

A switch here, a change there,

and we could be back in the water.

And our brain: is that so different

from those of our predecessors?

We claim to have free will.

But do we make better choices?

Birds, for example, are hard wired

to make correct decisions.

Mice live comfortably in our attics

and basements, without the necessity of having built them.

And the raccoons, immune apparently

to our sensibilities, pick brazenly through our trash

for discarded tidbits.

One should pity them, I guess. What will they do

when we are gone, transformed, transfigured,

self immolated by some holocaust?

Upon whom else will they be dependent?

But who does not lean

for their needs

upon other species?